With Zero Charge and no Commitment Hire Local Workers who Exclusively and Restrictively work for you!

Our utmost duty is to find and facilitate the most practical match between employers and job seekers to ensure long-lasting business relations

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Angler Recruitment Agency

Angler Recruitment Agency is a licensed recruitment agency based in Vancouver, British Columbia, helping businesses find suitable candidates for their available positions. We work closely with different companies to discover their labour shortages and to find the most suitable candidate.

About us

Licensed recruitment agency

Licensed recruitment agency in British Columbia

Offering a durable solution

We offer a durable solution to the labour shortages

Hiring experienced workers

Hires experienced workers with zero quit rate!

Suitable candidates for job positions

We help businesses find suitable candidates for their available positions.

Pay comparably less wages and hire experienced workers who only work for you!

We know what you need: we find the most competent applicant for your available position

  • We offer you prospective employees with qualifications that meet your requirements
  • We connect you with the suitable job seekers who are restricted to work for you only, saving you the stress of constantly looking for new employees

We believe proper workers are the key to success for all businesses. We spend time assessing the goal of companies and their demands. Whether the employers are looking for part-time or full-time, permanent or seasonal employees, we can address their needs.

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Job Seekers

The Art of Winning a Job Position

We find a job to flourish your talent

We work with any candidate with different work experience. We assess your resume and contact you to discuss various opportunities. Even if we do not have jobs which are suitable for you at the moment, we do our best to find it for you.

In addition, we help you to increase your chance of hiring, improve your resume, and prepare you for the interview.

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Job Opportunities

Find What You Love to Do

We work closely with different companies and organizations in British Columbia to find unique opportunities you are in love with.

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